Episode 7


You did it! You made it to the end of the season. Now it's time to get some well deserved sleep. Go for it, you earned it!

Episode 6


In this exciting episode, Jack Bauer defies all authority and breaks the rules to get the job done and save LA. Er wait, wrong show. Randomness continues.

Episode 5


So you have been up on the train for several months now. You should have the job down by now. Let's have a bit of fun!

Episode 4

How To Ride A Bus


Ahh, the bus. I will teach you best way to ride the bus so it is enjoyable for not just you, but for all of those around you as well!

Episode 3

Employee Lunch


Lunch is a time to gather with fellow employees and have some time away from passengers. It is up to you how you use this valuable time. Watch and see how well all of these crew members used thier employee lunch time!

Episode 2

Let's Talk About the Rail Guide


It takes a lot of people to run the train. One person in particular: The rail guide. Someone has to keep all of those passengers entertained with oodles of info-tainment. Better call upon the rail guide for this extremely important job.

Episode 1


Welcome to the 2014 Alaska train season! You are about to embark on an adventure that will make for an extremely memorable summer. It will be a profitable and extraordinary summer if you are prepared. I am here to make you the best. Welcome to the first episode of my online video training series: How To Work On the Train.


Make sure to have a pen and paper as
you might want to take notes



How to have fun at the meet


This was the original "The Meet" video that I uploaded. Some great times and great friends make up this video. As you can see, there is no correct way to participate at the meet. Enthusiasm, a good attitude, and being a little (or a lot) loud is all you need to maximize your enjoyment of the meet! Be safe, and make sure to keep all bananas off of the platforms durning the meet. Have fun!!

How to bar hop in Alaska

Sometimes it is just as much fun going from one bar to another in the beauty that is Alaska.

Blast from the past

I made this video during the 2009 train season. See if you can spot anyone you


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